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    Beating the Heat at Home

    Summer is the season for enjoying the warm climate on gorgeous beaches and exotic islands. Although a lot prefer spending summer vacations out of town, others choose to stay at home and enjoy the cozy and relaxing vibe of their own backyard. However, there are many important matters to take care of to ensure that your relaxing staycation will not turn into a scorching nightmare.

    Our houses are directly affected by factors like season and time. By keeping the seasons in mind, you will find it easier to design a good plan for the upkeep of your home. In this article, we will focus on some tips regarding how you can make your home ready to battle the heat of the summer.

    Keeping it Cool

    Maintaining the temperature of your home can be costly, considering that it involves the constant use of air conditioning. However, this is not the only method to keep your home cool. As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to shield your home from the heat without compromising your electric bill.

    1. Keep your curtains or blinds closed. You read that right. It may seem simple, but according to an article by Huffington Post, 30% of the accumulated heat are coming from open windows. Moreover, by just keeping your curtains and blinds closed, you can reduce the heat indoors by 20%, thus allowing you to save 7% from your monthly electric bill.Another way is to opt for neutral colored curtains. Reports showed that these types of curtains naturally insulates the room, reducing about 30% of the heat as well. Besides, cool hues are also refreshing for your eyes.
    2. Instead of turning on the AC, why not hack your fan?It’s an initial response for most people to rely on their air conditioning systems to ease the heat, but as discussed, AC systems can largely impact your energy bill. Instead, try some new and cheaper methods for beating the heat. Fill a bowl with ice or an ice pack, and place it in front of your fan. When the air lashes through the ice, you’ll instantly be given an extra-misty and extra-chilled temperature.
    3. Switch to full LED light bulbs.If you need a reason to switch to light emitting diode (LED), then this should convince you. LED bulbs require less wattage than CFL or incandescent light bulbs, making them more energy-efficient and long-lasting than other types. In addition, LED bulbs do not build up heat.
    4. Insulate your home.contractor installing insulation in the ceilingAlthough it seems counter-intuitive to add insulation to prepare for the summer, this will help keep your homes’ temperature level regulated. The better insulated your walls, ceilings, and floors are, the lesser the chances of increasing temperature and humidity indoors.Another reason to insulate your homes is to prepare it for the winter. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Sounds cool, right?  If you’re planning to install insulation in your Kansas City home, conduct an energy audit and try BiBs Insulation, as they’re known to provide high-quality systems.

    Beating the heat doesn’t have to be expensive. Summer is the season for relaxation and enjoyment. By doing the tips discussed above, surely you will not regret your decision to stay in the comfort of your home.