• woman in corporate attire walking to office while listening to music and holding a coffee

    Walking to Work: More Than Just a Good Exercise

    Kick your posh shoes off and lace up your trainers, instead. It’s time you start walking to work every day. If the distance between your home and workplace allows for it, you should consider taking a more active approach to your work commute. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), almost two in […]

  • men carrying a casket at a graveyard

    Eco-friendly Funeral Ideas

    Prompted by the growing environmental problems that the world currently faces, ecological awareness has sprouted these days. From the banning of plastic straws to the use of reusable bags, a drift toward an eco-friendly lifestyle has become evident. In light of this transition, eco funerals are becoming a trend. Eco funerals are now common in […]