• Man sandblasting

    A Guide to Sandblasting: Ensuring Top Quality Floors

    The floor of a facility requires regular upkeep to maintain the safety and well-being of employees. Aside from preventing slips, trips and falls, a well-maintained floor helps a business’ bottom line. It improves the appearance of the workplace and leaves a good impression on customers, investors and visitors. A surface might need treatment such as […]

  • Downtown chicago

    Can Leftist Policies Save Chicago?

    Chicago just elected five Democratic socialists into its city council. It might not be long before far-left policies take hold of Chicago, but will these policies actually work for a city like Chicago? Free Healthcare, Free Education, and Higher Minimum Wage Taking a page from the Green New Deal, Chicago might be one of the […]

  • cooling fan, full of dust

    Replace These PC Parts Before They Fail

    These days, most people use their phones and tablets to access the internet. They still have their notebooks and desktops, but these are used less and less for browsing, and more for games, graphics or office productivity. Between mobile devices and traditional computers, there is a tendency to replace phones every two years, while desktops […]