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    Securing Your Tenants’ Sensitive Information

    Cybersecurity issues are becoming a regular struggle for businesses around the world. Employees from small businesses fall victim to identity theft, and databases of large-scale enterprises have been reported to be hacked. Singapore, in particular, experienced its largest cyber breach in history in 2018, when hackers stole the personal information of 1.5 million patients of […]

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    3 Effective Tips to Guide Startups to Success

    Many startups struggle to survive beyond six months since their establishment. Their biggest challenge is often securing capital to finance their business operations. Other times, the failure arises from the lack of managerial skills to guide the business to success. Even then, there are several ways a business may improve their chances of survival and […]

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    Full House: Designing for a Multi-Generational Home

    It’s a common sight in Australia to see people sharing a house with their parents and relatives. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported in 2011 that 531,000 were living in multi-generational houses, and they predicted that number would grow to over 781,000 by 2036. Multi-generational living involves family members of different generations sharing the same […]