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    Saying Goodbye to Your Old AC

    Air Conditioning Services in IndianaWhether you have been staying in your old house for decades or has just recently moved to your new home, it is easy to distinguish a new air conditioning unit from an old one. However, not all old air conditioning units need replacement, some just need repair. But sadly, that is where the tricky part lies. Know the 5 most basic signs that mean it’s time for you to replace your air conditioning units.

    Signs it is time to replace your AC

    1. Age

    Before asking for help for services in air conditioners in Indiana, it is important to know basic information about your unit such as the age, brand, and model. The first factor to consider is the age of your air conditioning unit. A well-maintained unit can last for a maximum of two decades. After that period, replacing it would be advisable.

    1. Temperature varies

    If your bedroom is warm and your kitchen is freezing, it is time to check on your unit thoroughly. This is one of the first signs that your unit is not able to properly circulate air around your house. Improper circulation is one of the first signs for replacement.

    1. Energy bills

    If your consumption is the same but your energy bills are suddenly surging high, it means your air conditioning unit is slowly getting inefficient. An inefficient unit tends to draw more power in order to make it to the target temperature. While still able to deliver, its power consumption is higher and thus takes a toll on your fees.

    1. Air quality

    Humid air temperature is a sign that the air conditioning system’s ductwork is not properly sealed due to aging. Thus, the need to replace your unit.

    In order to properly diagnose the status of your units, a professional evaluation is required and encouraged. Air conditioning service providers can not only help you diagnose and repair your units, but also replace and install them if you choose to.