• Land-based Shipping

    Shipping Container Sizes for Diverse Shipping Methods

    There are many ways shipping containers are transported. These are used to carry different goods overseas via ships or aircraft. Land shipping is also an option with a railroad car or trucks. Whatever the mode of transport is, all shipping containers are used for one main purpose: carry goods. Different goods require different sized shipping containers. Here is an overview of shipping container sizes for diverse shipping methods:

    Steel Containers

    Steel containers are considered the most common type for transporting retail goods. When used for overseas shipping, the size can be anywhere between 8 feet and 45 feet, with the most common size being in the 20 to 40 feet range.

    Land-Based Shipping

    Land-based ShippingLand-based shipping containers tend to be smaller and are not usually made out of metal. Often, plastic drum containers are for both land-based and overseas shipping, as these are perfect for carrying different kinds of liquids. If shipped by aircraft or ship, the drums can be packed within a bigger shipping box. Size 40 containers are used more frequently, as these can be stacked together on each flatbed for railroad shipping. The big advantage of shipping via railway is the fact that an entire car can be used as one large container of goods.

    Shipping via Truck

    When shipping by truck is considered, it needs smaller, more mobile receptacles. There are many rules and regulations to observe with this route, but they tend to be the most commonly used for shipping goods. Trucks feature large, enclosed storage containers hidden from plain view. While shipping containers are much smaller, they tend to ship more items with their vast numbers. Interestingly, trucks can feature an open bed chassis to carry some of the more conventional container sizes like the 20-foot containers.

    Air Shipping

    Air shipping has its own set of rules and regulations. They also feature their own set of container sizes that are labelled distinctly from the rest. A good example is the LD series, which are numbered from one to 29. The four main types of containers used in air shipping are the following: pallets, contoured containers, lower deck containers and box-like containers.

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