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    Ski Clothing: It’s Not Always That Cold Up There

    Ski ClothingFirst time skiers typically have this idea that they should always wear the thickest clothing when they hit the slopes. It’s not entirely embarrassing to make this mistake, though, because rookies only know that they’ll be standing in the snow a whole lot. The problem, however, is that it’s wrong to assume it will always be that cold. And when you are too hot in that thermal jacket, it’s bad news.

    The trick is to know what fits you, how warm it will make you, and what temperatures and wind speeds you will be dealing with. Comfort is important, especially if it’s your first time and you have no idea what to expect just yet. You need several items to protect yourself while skiing, but start off with two of the most important: your boots and your clothing.

    Your boots

    Ski boots are made to be warm, but if they don’t fit you right they will either be too hot or too cold. Don’t choose the first pair that seems to fit. Take your time. You should be able to wiggle your toes, or else you will have cold feet and you won’t be able to ski at all. Also make sure that, although wiggling your toes isn’t a problem, the boots do not let you move your feet from side to side inside them. Don’t forget that you need to control the skis with your feet.

    Your clothing

    Don’t wear jeans or sweats. When you fall, some snow will stick to your pants and melt. Once the snow melts and you get wet, you will never feel warm again. Check stores for the “right” ski clothing, not the most expensive. You can check out Descente ski jackets on sale at PedigreeSkiShop.com, for example, and still find the right one you need for a lower price.

    Skiing is a highly enjoyable sport, but learning how to ski is never, ever easy. It’s doubly hard if you are not comfortable. Start with your gear so you can focus on the skiing.