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    Upgrading Your Ride: Useful Vehicle Add-ons

    Any car owner would want their vehicles to be as comfortable and convenient as possible and with as many useful features. As such, not all car models are equipped by manufacturers with all the features you’d want, but luckily, there are many useful and necessary accessories you’d want to consider adding to your car.

    Car Tracker

    Not only is a tracker necessary for you to find your car in a parking lot filled to the brim with vehicles, but it’s also quite useful if your car ever gets stolen or lost. Locators and trackers can be pricey, but not as pricey as when your vehicle gets stolen, and you’d have no means of tracking it down to recover it.

    Dashboard Cameras

    These dash-mounted cameras record whatever’s in front of the road, and some models can record the interior as well. These cameras can save you a lot of problems when it comes to claiming insurance, and the footage can be used as evidence in case of any damage done to your car by another person or vehicle.

    Bumper Replacements

    Although vehicle bumpers are designed to be sturdy and handle high-speed impact, good rear and/or front bumper replacement can increase the level of protection to your vehicle, as well as making it easier to tow your vehicle in case it ever breaks down. Some bumper replacements can even add to the aesthetic appeal to your car. There are many mechanics, auto accessory shops, and upfitters in Wichita, KS and all over the country that offer safety add-ons and modifications for commercial and emergency vehicles.

    Blind Spot Mirrors

    Your side and rear-view mirrors will have blind spots where you can potentially drive into, damaging your car or injuring someone. So it’s best to purchase and install one of these affordable blind spot mirrors to improve visibility and prevent any accidents due to limitations in line of sight.


    Sunshades are often overlooked as they seem bulky and a hassle to put on whenever you park somewhere open. However, sunshades are worth both the effort and the small cost as they keep your car cool and prevent heat-sensitive electronic gadgets and electronics of your car (and any other gadgets and items you have inside) from being damaged by extreme prolonged heat. Not only that, they obscure the view of the inside of your car, preventing any criminals from peering through and seeing any valuables you’ve left inside.

    Cargo Add-ons

    If you have a bike or normally carry a lot of items on your car, cargo add-ons may be a good idea for you. Cargo add-ons can go on the top of your vehicle for you to safely place and easily secure any furniture, container, or large items. The same shops and service centers that can add bumper replacements also normally offer these cargo accessories and bike racks.

    Grocery Nets

    As the name suggests, these are detachable nets that can be installed at the back of your car to prevent grocery bags from spilling and knocking all over and even potentially spilling liquids in your car. These affordable add-ons can save you a lot of trouble, and the cost of cleaning materials to remove the stench and stains from spilled grocery.


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    There are a lot of add-ons and accessories out there in the market for every car, custom or otherwise, but not all of them are worth your money or serve any practical use apart from aesthetics. So if you’re looking to improve your ride and make the most out of your money,